Managed Mobility

Through professional and outsourcing services, GoBindas helps companies successfully deploy and manage initiatives across multiple mobility platforms. Companies turn to GoBindas to help them understand and mange new mobility technologies. Drawing on deep mobility outsourcing expertise, GoBindas can serve as the single point of accountability for enterprise mobility projects, managing the complexities of the ecosystem of enterprises and streamlining processes throughout the mobile communication lifecycle. The proven effectiveness of the company's mobility best practices and content management tools enable customer to outsource mobility with confidence, without reallocating internal resources or hiring new ones.

Mobile presence holds several advantages for companies that want to reach customers through existing mobile operator networks, web and internet channels, and mobile devices.

The GoBindas Mobility Services (GBMS) offering is out of the box enterprise-grade mobile platform that can be up and running in a matter of weeks. Managed and operated by GoBindas, the platform is a high-speed, high volume mobile connectivity platform. It connects to multiple carriers through different protocols over channels like SMS, WAP and USSD. It also connects to carrier's billing platforms through predefined systems integration connectors and prebuilt payment gateways.

GoBindas's extensive experience working with major mobile carriers is key in supporting integration with handsets and networks securely and in cost effective manner. Services include SMS services, subscriptions, updates and alerts, WAP portals, campaigns, polling, voting, contests, knowledge, health, fun, entertainment and many more. ?All through a mobile device.

Mobility services provide new dimensions to enterprising on mobile devices:

  • New revenue streams by capturing transactions fees from purchases and new services.
  • Increased proximity and wider reach among mobile consumers.
  • Opportunities to reach the masses on low cost devices.

Specific services:

  • Short code management: Short code enables a mobile consumer to interact with an enterprise on all available SMS channel. Consumer can be provided with hundreds of on demand services over SMS.
  • WAP portal management and hosting: WAP portal is auxiliary extension of web. In India where every youth has web enabled phone, consumer engaging services can be provided over mobile phone internet.
  • B2B content publishing: B2B services allow organizations to sell their content to multiple organizations on different revenue models.