Media Monitoring & Analysis Services

Intelligence to your media assets !!

We believe that there is much more to media monitoring than just simple compliance recording. That is why, unlike other logging solutions, we provide tools beyond mere logging; innovative tools that allow you to analyze, detect and actually manipulate your media, and analysis.

Software as a Service Model – We have a web based software application for Media Monitoring & Analysis developed by our technologies partners M/s Actus Digital from Israel. Actus Digital is premier video media and visual communication content and technologies company, develops enterprise monitoring, analysis, and media management solutions for broadcasters, government agencies, and content producers.

The solution is designed specifically to answer the special requirements of media companies, such as TV and IPTV broadcasters, advertisements, research media departments. We integrate videos & broadcasts seamlessly – taking daily operations & communication to a new level of detail & accuracy.

The different modules of this modular software are:

  • Actus View - Record Every Frame on Every Channel, All Day, Every Day.
  • Rating Analyzer - Make the most of the Rating Information you get.
  • AdWatch - Automatic Monitoring of Broadcast Advertisements.
  • Clip Factory - Automatically transform your broadcast into WEB Clips.

They are the most robust, versatile and intuitive multiple-screen viewer/recorder available, as well as sophisticated analysis, communication, content review and web publishing tools.

We continuously look forward to evolve the SaaS model with our partner Actus and growing the number of media organizations that leverage the new model.