LiveScreen Media

LiveScreen Media, Celltick's field-proven flagship product, is the world’s leading mobile marketing solution for the idle screen. A unique managed service, LiveScreen Media broadcasts targeted content, advertising and value-added service information to the mobile idle screen, transforming it into an interactive mobile media channel. Empowering broad consumer reach and a rich user experience, LiveScreen Media delivers value throughout the mobile marketing ecosystem – from operators and content providers to advertisers and consumers.

LiveScreen Media enhances, personalizes and monetizes the idle screen like never before. The innovative solution features an effective delivery platform as well as diverse local and international content and brand advertising that generate new revenues for operators, advertisers and content providers alike. Automatically identifying when a mobile phone is inactive, LiveScreen Media non-intrusively displays segmented and personalized product, brand or content media in the form of dynamic teasers – based on user location, behavior and demographics, as well as time of day. Upon viewing the transformed non-idle screen, the user needs just two clicks to carry out a "transaction" – either accessing desired information or responding to a promotion or advertisement.

Available as a SIM-embedded or handset client, LiveScreen Media supports nearly all major mobile handsets. The groundbreaking, patented offering utilizes cell broadcast technology to simultaneously send teasers to millions of users without overloading the mobile network. By combining its innovative client with robust, cost-effective technology, LiveScreen Media enables the broadest possible consumer reach. And the results speak for themselves. More than 80% of all users keep LiveScreen Media on, while 35% use it regularly, averaging 8-10 clicks per month. As a result, the state-of-the-art service, offered by over 25 mobile operators worldwide, handles over 35 million monthly transactions.

Transforming the idle screen into a dynamic environment that is both non-intrusive and relevant to users, LiveScreen Media delivers on the promise of mobile marketing by driving operator revenues while building customer loyalty.