Board of Directors

GoBindas Entertainment Private Limited came alive in early September of 2008. Much has happened since then. Today the company has grown to more than 25 employees in India. The group has exceptional track record in mobile entertainment & advertisement, industry knowledge and operations. The company continues to be a pioneer leader. The management team comprises of some of the most reliable technological professionals.

  • Rajiv K. Gupta

    An entrepreneur, visionary,strategist and philanthropist with a purposeful track record of new business initiatives and have an in-depth understanding of diverse work culture and business. He is open to free idea and innovation, inducing and managing change and drives these as successful business opportunities.

    GoBindas is one of many such successful business ventures that he has pioneered as its Founder & Chairperson.

    He has overall work experience of more than thirty years, in various corporate segments and some of these are Banking, Telecom Infrastructure, Telecom Consulting and diverse new business projects. His objective team approach and drive, leads GoBindas Entertainment Private Limited in to the area of Mobile Infotainment services and also as an upcoming Global Mobile Value Added Services company of the 21st century.

  • Renu Gupta

  • She has an overall experience of twenty years of working in a multinational environment. She leads the company by providing its core value framework in a modern technologically updated yet diverse Indian society.

  • Nishant Gupta

  • His futuristic foresight and youthful drive led to the formulation of GoBindas Entertainment as a leading venture in provision of Value Added Services for mobile space. A Bachelors in Business Administration from I.I.P.M. and Bachelors in Commerce from Delhi University he has an experience of four years in the industry. He has successfully managed projects for GoBindas Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. for major telecom giants. He leads by providing his intense commercial acumen to the Board.

  • Rajat Gupta

  • He has been inducted to the Board to provide representation of young thought and latest update on technology. An alumnus of St. Josephs College of Art and Science, Bangalore and masters in Artificial Intelligence & animation for Computer Gaming from UK, University of Bradford. His educational expertise in computer animation, gaming, programming and software analysis, assists the company to understand & promote latest technologies.